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Many times in the past, we have posted this ubiquitous Disney 'Alice'.
Crinolyn has added some pictures that display a somewhat more detailed look at her petticoats - Nice! (Lucky Mad Hatter!):



Disney puppet performers at bottom of this page


Disney Snow White performers:

The one at right is "Moulin Rouge Snow White" by Luce Cosplay


Disney cast

From Elizabeth



Mary Poppins

From Crinolyn  

...and below


 left is a crop - click picture for full image




Walt Disney World Parade

From Alice





Disney hoops!

Sent by Crinolyn


(above) Hong Kong Disney

Roberta E.:

"Just to show that people of today can still pull off a classic petti-fashion, you might want to turn your gaze to an event called
 Dapper Day that takes place twice a year at Disneyland CA, Walt Disney World FL and Disneyland Paris.

"It's not an official Disney-sponsored event, just thousands of people that love turning the park into 1955 all over again.
(I personally have been twice and will be going again this November)

"While not exclusively 50s oriented, (or even vintage of any era), quite a few people (myself included) love to show off our 50s style...
complete with petticoats! Thousands of 'bouffanty' pictures can be found online just by searching 'Dapper Day' in any search engine."

  Enjoy the view!


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