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Alana writes:   

Hello there! I am Ladee Alana, I live in Northern California. I am an only child. Currently I am retired and taking life easy.

I started crossdressing when I was in the sixth grade, sneaking in and trying on my mother's dresses. My parents found out, and there was a lot of trauma involved, which I would rather not talk about. When I grew up and my parents visited, I had to put my dresses in storage.

Now that my parents are no longer alive, and I live alone, I don't have to hide my clothes from my parent's visits anymore.

I don't have a girlfriend, but I am straight. The few times I tried to date, I didn't like it much. I think I'm better off on my own. If I were to date, I would have LOTS OF DRESSES TO HIDE.

I don't attend CD affairs and I don't go out dressed as a female, or gay bars. I'm petite and it frightens me. But I do like fantasy romances with admirers online.

I have my photos professionally taken at Carla's, a place for CDers - they do makeup and photos; this is my biggest treat for myself, to drive to Carla's with my outfits, get makeup and wigs styled and have as many photos taken as possible. I love being my feminine self, with all the things I can do to achieve the girly look in my photos.

Hobbies? I like to write stories about the perils of being a woman, and forced feminization, and they are published on Fictionmania.com -  I illustrate them with my pictures. I like to read books and watch old and new movies for the women wearing clothes. Some dresses are my favorites and I can't get them out of my mind - they turn me on.

At work, over the years, there were certain women, that I watched and had crushes on, they were so sexy in their secretary dresses. One or two women inspired and excited me, but they left. They never accepted the "Dress for Success" style. I still remember their dresses and fabrics, that rustled by my desk. I love sheer fabric, and floating fabrics, and gleaming silk and satin. What could be sexier? I love to think of a secretary in a tight dress, sitting with her legs crossed, taking dictation.

I'm a dress gal. I like full and tight ones. I love to wear slips and pantyhose. I never thought stockings and garters were all that sexy. To me, legs are the sexiest part of a woman.

I wear a size 6 off-the-rack, and I can step into them, without trick photography. I buy on eBay or online; I'm too shy to ever buy in a store. At home, I wear silky robes. I have said "cotton will never touch this body."  But, I fell in love with silk petticoats, and I started to wear bouffants. They are very popular on my posted photos. I am in the top search engines and have many contacts and men admirerers. Its good, to have emails and praise and support.

I love vintage 70's dresses, it's my favorite era for bright colors and style.  I know other Poufbunnies and thought it was time to enter this great website.  BTW, Sugarbarre is one of my best friends, a GG, who helps us all dress feminine, if you ask her. She is a treasure of information on the feminine look. Tessy is wonderful to keep these fashions alive. I hope to hear from you, and you can see me on Flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/10379538@N05/

Once there, you can become my contact and send me Flickr mail.

Once there, you can become my contact and send me Flickr mail. Or you can contact me directly at my hotmail account:

[email protected]

It would be nice to meet YOU!


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