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A great big warm hello to all you wonderful pouf fans out there! I am called
Anita Amber. I am a long time fan of the one and only Petticoat Pond. I am
what you might call a hetro crossdresser.  My rookie TV year was around junior
high school around the tender age of 13. That is when I started developing my
talent for crossdressing, like many, by sneaking into my sister's and mom's
closets and trying on the things boys are not supposed to!  It was really
exciting! Sure, it started out innocently enough. A short skirt here, a
blouse there, a  bra, a slip, pantyhose and the next thing you know I'm
starting to see what girls like about this stuff! This was a taboo that was
essentially made for me to break. I was breaking new ground here! Well for me
anayway. My new addiction was a lot of harmless fun! Besides that, it makes
me feel pretty!  Ah, yes! To pouf, to be a bunny, to get dressed up in in a
lovely dress. To do some things that only girls are supposed to do.

Now let's fast forward to the present!  Now that I have my own pretty
outfits, I find that the girl in me tends to prefer those pretty square dance
dresses and the accompanying fluffy petticoats. I started small. First a red
ruffled blouse, and a red skirt. Lips, hair and finger nails. Then added the
item that makes it so special: the fluffy, billowing petticoat. Wow! It's what
makes a really great outfit great. It snowballed from there.  I found that I
needed more. More billowing skirts. More cute blouses. A girl's got to do what
a girl's got to do! Now  the finishing touch - a couple of gold trimmed
petticoats with matching gold shoes.  The proof is in the pouf!  Oh
girlfriend, that's what I like.
So what's it all add up to? Well if you like to dress in women's clothing,
its not a bad thing, but a good thing. Go ahead and enjoy it! There are so
few things in life that can give any real pleasure. If dressing up like Bugs
Bunny in a southern belle outfit makes you happy, then do it! It's non-
fattening and fun.


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