Bolette,Danish Princess
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Bolette writes:   

I am Bolette from Denmark, and my passion is all petticoated dress, including Little Girl princess dress, sissy maid dress, dirndl costume, bridal dress, and period costume dress, particularly: Rococo dress, Scarlet O Hara dress (crinoline) and tournure dress. 

The feminine side is just wonderful and makes me a full and complete human being. I want to thank Tessy for the beautiful site she has made, which includes petticoated dresses for Adult sissies.  Because this is a story about beauty and passion and Gender euphoria.

I want to celebrate those people Who don't fit into a pattern society considers to be normal, because they are the true winners.

I love all the girls on this site - you're just wonderful, all of You ! 

Best regards, from Bolette



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