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    My name is Bunny or “Bunny The Maid” to be precise, as you can see by my pictures below; an English Maid, of course, and I live on the south coast of England, but an English Maid who is dressed in what people would refer to as French Maids' Uniforms. I have been a Maid now for as far back as I can remember and have been cross-dressing even longer than that. I am very fortunate to have met my Wife who is also my Mistress, who shares my passion of us boys cross-dressing to be “Special Girls” and actively encourages me, and helps me in every way to be that naughty little Sissy Girlie Maid that I always long to be. My Mistress likes me to wear heavy makeup - why ,I do not know She just does, and my uniforms must always have short skirts with pouf petticoats, which She  originally got me into to wearing because She loves to see my frilly knickers and stocking tops when I am performing my household duties, as do Her lady friends, who are frequent visitors calling in for coffee, and when invited for a small cocktail party (when I am the Maid of course). I am only permitted to wear stockings, as tights are banned in her house, as she loves to keep me in the 50s as regards to petticoats and stockings etc., She though too young to remember the 50s like I do, my wife being somewhat younger than I, but she adores the fifties petticoats and styles as I do. Having been first introduced to them by my elder sister who back in the 50s was always wandering around the house in just her bra, panties, suspenders and stockings, high heels and always with a gorgeous fully frilled and flared pouf style petticoat, and I was always jealous of her being able to wear such lovely clothes, but she did sense that I always watched her, and my feelings about what she wore and teased it out of me that I would love to dress up like her. So she used to dress me up as one of the girls when her friends came round, even putting me into stockings and high heels and a gorgeous pair of frilly knickers that she especially bought for just me to wear on these special occasions. My mother got to know of this and eventually, to my surprise and delight, bought me my very own Girlie underwear, a couple of tight panty girdles which I loved wearing as they were so nice and tight over which I would wear my frilly knickers of which I had four pairs by now, and even a little waspie waist nipper which either my mother or sister used to oblige me by lacing me up very tightly into it to give me that Girlie look, and I loved the feel of and wearing my nice little tight corset and a selection of suspender belts and stockings, which were of course seamed in those days, including, to my delight, a couple of really full pouf petticoats which She used to starch and iron for me, as well as a couple of poodle skirts and very Girlie silk blouses. But what put the icing on the cake was when I was first laced up into my tight little waspie corset and dressed in all my new Girlie clothes stockings etc., my makeup applied, my hair done, when my mother gave me two boxes, and inside were two pairs of lovely new stilettos with 5 inch heels, I was now a true Girl and my sister and friends looked upon me as nothing else but a girl when I was dressed, and I had three gorgeous years of being a girl wearing lovely Girlie clothes especially the pouf style petticoats and stockings, plus venturing out on the rare occasions with my sister and her friends, but those are other adventures. Then, as usual when growing up, things changed as did my circumstances and not so much dressing was forthcoming in my direction.  Then came marriage, which turned sour, and onto my present Wife, who was I am sure was sent to me from heaven. So I am lucky that when I am doing my household duties and chores she loves to see me in my pouf style uniforms showing off my frilly knickers etc, and I love doing so and adore wearing stockings and those masses of petticoats all day.

 If it is of any interest I met my Wife some 25 years ago after my failed marriage due to my cross-dressing.  She invited me to a fancy dress party that she was hosting after the break up of my marriage. And, having just gone through a messy divorce, I was feeling somewhat low and was not going to go, but I received a little note from her saying that it was a pity, as she wanted a Maid to serve at the party and thought that I would be interested in filling that position - so somehow she had found out I liked to dress as a French Maid through my Wife. I later found out so how many more people did previous my wife tell, I will never know? Though a bit shocked that someone else knew of my secret, I thought, what the heck, I can’t be humiliated anymore than what I was during my divorce, so I will take this opportunity to go out in public and wear my Maid's uniform and come out of the closet for the evening and go as a French Maid.

So I dolled myself up, put on my only French Maids outfit at the time, and turned up at the party wearing a little short black dress, frilly knickers suspenders and stockings high heels the lot, and at first got a mixed reaction, but the Hostess of the party sensed I had dressed like that before and asked me if I would like to be a Maid for the evening and serve the drinks to her guests, so how could I refuse? So there I was, tottering around on my high heels, showing off my frilly knickers every time I bent over, and then the Hostess beckoned me over and ordered me to fetch her a drink, and with a sly smile on her face dealt me a hefty slap across my backside as I turned to fetch her drink, and I kept her supplied with drinks all night, receiving a slap every time. At the end of the evening, the Hostess, my future  Wife, passed me a note telling me to give her a call the following weekend, as she wanted to see me again, so I did, and to my surprise she told me to be dressed and ready in my Maid's Uniform and that she would pick me up to return to her home, and, as it would be dark, I could see no problem with that. She duly arrived and I tottered down my driveway as quickly as I could and settled into the front seat of the car as best I could, dressed in such a way.  She ran her hand up over my stocking-clad thighs and gave my front suspenders a little tug, giving me a little smile whilst doing so, what could I do, wearing such a short dress, which did nothing to hide my stocking tops and frilly knickers, and so began the short trip to her home. Once inside, I felt a little bit more comfortable, and she explained that she fell in love with me the first time she saw me dressed in my Maid's Uniform, but had had her eye on me for some time as I admit I did on her, so the feeling was mutual. And that night, if I loved her, she wanted me to do something for her if I wanted to; if not, then nothing would change - we could still be lovers. So there I was in someone else’s house, dressed as a Maid with nothing else to wear, so I agreed to her wishes and was duly asked to serve drinks to her friends who were waiting very quietly in another room. I was introduced to them as “Bunny The Maid” and the rest is history. I have been “Bunny The Maid” for the last 25 years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and will never get tired of wearing my little Maid's Uniforms and being…………….

“The Perfect English Sissy Maid”

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    All my Love To You “Special Girls” Out There - “Bunny”



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