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Hi, my name is Carole and I'm an middle-aged, large-sized CD who has loved the
feel and look of chiffon petticoats and bouffant prom dresses.

I remember sneaking into one of my parents rental apartments where a
beautiful 17 year old girl lived with her parents. She and her family were gone for the weekend and my parents were gone for the night. This girl had just been the local high school prom queen. The yellow satin and chiffon dress she wore as prom queen was there in her closet. I took it out of the closet and held it up to me. It looked like it might fit. I quickly took it back to our apartment and got out Mom's under things and slipped them on. Then the yellow Prom dress. It felt so good, as I
slipped it on and when I zipped it up in the back it closed easily, and felt comfortable. I added a couple of pairs of Mon's nylons in the bra and "walla!" - I looked great!  I didn't have any make-up or a wig, but the dress did it for me. Wow! I looked great! After that experience, I began dressing occasionally and have been dressing secretly for forty years.

Due to family commitments, social pressure, and employment situations, I have been locked in a deep, dark closet for many years. Four things changed all that:  "Petticoat Pond on the Internet - "Two CD friends named "Karen" & "Julia" - & "Clare" at TG North.

My dear friend Karen, the Twentieth PoufBunny, designed and tailored a fantastic, custom made, beautiful "1950s", bouffant, powder blue prom dress that fits me perfectly. It is the prettiest dress a girl could ever have on, or want. 

But, I still needed help with my makeup. Clare, at TG North, studied my features closely and worked her magic. She tried several different looks on my face - She is a perfectionist when doing make-up. Then she worked her magic at selecting, just the right wig for me. 

After the photo session,and while I was completely dressed in my new, black,
Delta Berk original outfit, my wife and I went to dinner. I was very nervous, but after a few admiring glances from men, I began to feel like a girl. It was a wonderful experience that will be repeated.

On my last day, during our photo session, while I was dressed in my new blue
1950s bouffant prom dress, two nine year girls came by the studio, and came
in uninvited during my photo session. They were not suppose to be there, but
little girls are normally inquisitive. Their expressions and actions made me
feel like the prom queen.

The girls just went wild with envy, saying "You're beautiful, oh, you're so
beautiful. We love the petticoats!!!"  They asked if they could have their picture taken with me and asked if they could have a copy. Boy that did it for me, I felt like the prom queen!

I was in heaven, and at the end of the day I didn't want to take the dress
off. Anyone who wants a cross dressing experience will be bowled-over by Clare at TG North. My wife was very surprised, and a little envious when she saw me!!!!



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