Carolin Anne, a gal in service
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Carolin writes:   

I am Carolin-Anne, a 40-year-old German sissy male. I love to dress as a sissy little girl in satin party dresses and very full petticoats. I currently own 12 petticoats, 15 little girl style dresses and 25 bridal/sissy gowns/prom dresses I have several pair of Mary Janes and a lot of ruffled socks and stockings to count. I have been dressing all my adult life and I usually dress everyday when home. I work as part-time sissy maid (12 complete outfits) for private parties and clubs. I have been a PettiPond fan for years now and I just figured it was time for me to share my pictures as well - I hope you all enjoy.

Please send me a email at
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