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Hi, my name is Christine!

These pictures are of my only serious public outing to date on Halloween '02.

I did a major electrical rewiring job at the store and design studio of a Dallas, Texas couture. She repaid me by designing this dress and hiring the limo we are riding in in the picture below. The French maid with me was her husband. He designed and sewed his own dress and was quite happy to be out and about in it. For those in the Dallas area, the pictures were taken as we arrived for dinner at Reunion Tower, which is the big lighted ball tower you see in all the nighttime shots of Dallas.

The dress was originally conceived to be floor length, but we decided to stop adding tiers when we saw how full it was getting. Under the dress, I am in a 75yd lace trimmed organza petticoat, and under that, is a 60yd chiffon petticoat. Needless to say, I was on a petticoat high for three days after this night. I was totally accepted by everyone at all three spots we went to.  I even was met at the door by the female manager of a family restaurant and was encouraged to use the LADIES room if I wished. I knew I was not passable, but I have never been so well treated and made to feel as comfortable as on that night. I only wish every CD out there could have the wonderful time I did and enjoy it with total strangers as well as friends.  I will probably never have another night like that, but I wont forget that night EVER!


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