Endowed with Venus Envy

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Hello! My name is Crista!
This is my Web debut and it's exciting to make this appearance.  I have enjoyed Pettipond and admired you girls for years now.

I just find pouf and pettis of all shapes, colors, and styles to be the most inexplicably sensational way to look and feel.  I have felt this way and acted on it for nearly as long I've understood the differences between boys and girls.  The only difference that ever mattered to me as a five-year-old was that girls get to wear so many beautiful and pretty things.

Many years later and all hesitation behind, my sentiments are as simple as the fact that some of us happen to be gifted with an extremely viable, undeniable instinct that, like tenderness propagated by passion and sexuality, can only be personified as female, the most exquisite and fulfilling embodiment we know... Oh, I still get carried away...!  but don't we all?

Well, thanks so much for checking me out, and feel free to drop me a note.

Warmest regards, Crista

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