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 l though I was born male, I have always felt and acted more like a girl.

Like most people in this situation, I tried to hide itfrom my parents growing up. All the while I would envymy sister and all the little girls around me, wantingto look and dress like them. I guess that is part of why I like ruffles and lace as much as I do. I was never allowed them as a child, so I guess you could say that I'm making up for lost

It's not true of course. I just LOVE them, that's all. I have been so fixated on things girly and feminine for so long that it may have warped my views a bit.Yeah, really I mean it. (Grin)

While I was growing up I would sneak into my sister and mom's rooms and wear their clothes. My mom's old prom gowns, my sister's communion dress and so on. I would dream of being a girl, but being raised Catholic, was convinced that no one would willingly want to go from being a boy to a girl. (Sound familiar to any of you?)  As such, my fantasies always involved being kidnapped and "forced" into dresses and bows.  This led to a very active fantasy life filled with bondage, pain, humiliation, and loss of control.

After I moved out on my own, I found magazines like Slave Piercing, Guys in Gowns, and many others.  I realized I was not alone in my feelings, but I could never find the right Dom to make me into the sissy I felt I was meant to be.

I love B&D and S&M and have from time to time been active in the local fetish, dungeon communities. I have spent hours working half the night so I could be beaten and tied up for the other half. These nights are some of my fondest memories of my life before marriage.

I have had several relationships, both men and women, and although none of them really had any problems with me cross-dressing, none was really Dom so I still could not really be the sissy I should be.

During my time at dungeons, among my other experiences, I was mummified several times. It's Glorious; I suggest you try it if you get the chance and are not claustrophobic.

I found that I really do like pain and bondage. For me there is nothing like the rush of endorphins that a good flogging will release. I like being tightly bound with rope or restraints, locked up in chains, gagged, blindfolded and so on.

I have, whether natural inclination or learned response, become addicted to pain.  It has become a cornerstone of my existence. As I sit typing this I am wearing clothespins on my nipples. I love to be flogged, whipped, spanked, pinched and I even have enjoyed the expert use of a quirt on my back.

Another fun part of me, (what, I hear you say, there's more?), is that in my journeys in life I have found the joys of body modification. I am growing my own set of tits, still small but with hormones (and believe it or not, hypnosis) they are growing. I have been on hormones for a couple of years and never had any really dramatic growth.

In January of this year I found Warpmymind.com
.  This is a site that deals with fetish hypnotism. If this interests you please go and look. If not, well to each their own. I won't judge.

Anyway, one of the files I found is called 'Curse Breast'. It claimed to cause real breast growth and it was free to download so I thought, what the heck, I've got nothing to lose. Since I stared listening to the file 2 months ago, I have gained 2" in my bust. I still have to wear breast forms, but hey that's more growth in 2 months than  in 2 years of hormones.

There is also a file called 'Curse Shaving' which claimed that listening would cause the listener to slowly lose hair in any area they shave. I am happy to say that in 2 months the rate of hair growth on my legs, arms, underarms and even face is slowing and is growing less thickly than before. As I live full time as a woman, this is not a curse but a blessing. I have never had a lot of spare money so, instead of electrolysis, I have been shaving daily for work and shopping. This has meant adding an extra hour each day to my morning prep time. As the hair growth stops, I will be able to devote that time to something else, and hypnosis is free. The electrolysis would have cost several thousand dollars just for the beard, not to mention legs, arms, and chest. If these files continue to work I will be very happy and save LOTS of money.

Back to body modification. I love corsetry and high heels. Having been obsessed with all things femme and I have always admired the hourglass figure. I have been lacing steadily for the last 3 years and have gone from a 33" waist down to 22". I am still wondering how small I will be able to go.

I wear high heels every day. I have not worn flats in over a year. I no longer have any shoes with less than a 3" heel. I am finding that, like the doll I want to be, I can no longer get my foot flat on the floor without pain. For some reason I love to look like a doll or mannequin of some kind. No, not Barbie; she is too normal. Being a submissive sissy, I strive to look like a very f*ckable fetish doll.

At home I wear petticoats at all times with my corset (which I do wear to work), above the knee circle skirts and ruffled blouses, and gloves. Except when I go to work I always wear a collar and for work I have a stainless steel chain mail chocker that I wear. I wear square dancing skirts and blouses as part of my work wardrobe as my office does not have a dress code. I only get to wear my petticoats to work on Halloween, unfortunately.

At home I have been listening to other hypnosis files to help with training me to be a good sissy slave for my Mistress Wife. She is not the Dom type, but likes the thought of me being her little sissy doll. This has caused some minor inconvenience in the past, as neither of us really knew anything about training a sissy slave. Although there are web pages for training your sissy, they all charge money that we don't have. She and I have tried several times and work it out, but it has always fallen through. Not her fault, not mine, neither of us knew what we were doing and both
would wait for the other to start something.

Well, again, Warp my Mind has helped quite a lot. With the help of their files I am becoming more eager for my life as a sissy and have been practicing my doll makeup look, being more subservient to my Mistress Wife. I have been in training to become a c*ckS*cker and am spending a lot of time with a dildo in my mouth learning how to deep throat. I have gotten to the point where I can orgasm just from sucking on a dildo.  My Mistress Wife, at my request, is trying to keep me constantly horny, by not letting me cum in the usual fashion. My sissy clit (as I am now to call it) is not for my pleasure. Although it will start to get hard when I or my Mistress Wife are teasing me, as soon as she reminds me what a sissy I am it now goes soft and useless: Proper for a sissy, and I find it most appropriate for me.

I am looking forward to my future life as her sissy slut and f**k doll. I do not know where this journey will take us, but I will try to document it here.

'Why?' you ask? Well, I also enjoy humiliation and admitting all of this to anyone who takes the time to read this finding who and what I am, is very humiliating.

Submissively in ruffles and petticoats,
Sissy Dahl


In 2008, I was at a local convention and got to wear a couple of new outfits while there.

(left) This one is inspired by Sweet Lolita. I admit I'm biased, but I like to think it's an incredibly cute image.
(right) This one is more Gothic Lolita -  I love this outfit!

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