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Deedee speaks:

I was born in the early 50’s, but have little remembrances of the lovely fashions of that period other than old TV shows, movies, and pictures.  Over the years, I have worn my mother’s, my mother-in-laws and my wife’s clothes.  Today, I am divorced, but live with a very understanding woman and have my own wardrobe (Thanks primarily to eBay and thrift stores).  I love petticoats, full slips, high heels, wide belts and everything feminine.  I have just discovered makeup and am very happy with the results.  I am not very talented with eyeliner or mascara, but from a distance it looks pleasing.  I have corresponded with other pinups and am honored to be a part of this wonderful group of people.  I would like to thank, Donna Leanne, Nicole, Bee Lira for being supportive and such good friends to me.  I would like to single out Karen Marie and Michelle from Australia as my best friends.  They encouraged me to become a pinup. 

About eight years ago, I discovered Pettipond on the Web.  I came to realize that there many people like me and have visited the site regularly since that time.  I dreamed that someday, I could become a Poufbunny and now that day has arrived.  Life is wonderful.

I am willing to talk to others who share my interests and can exchange photos.  My email is [email protected]

Your friend, Deedee

Deedee has added a nice vidclip to YouTube!
The dress and petti are gorgeous, she knows how to display them!
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