A diverse gal, she loves wedding gowns and ropes,
and looks good in both!

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 My name is Delilah Knotty

From the time I began dreaming I was a girl and dressing as one, I have always loved the beautiful appeal of the form fitted fifties dresses tight from the waist up and puffy from the waist down. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than wearing a petticoat under a dress and feeling the ruffles swish about as I walk in high heels.

I love donning French maid outfits in beautiful colors, satin red and satin blue, with nice long aprons and sashes for satin bows tied neatly at the back to cinch my waist for that perfect A-frame.

Like a creamy cloud in the sky, I love my petticoat to puff out from under my skirt in billows of white satin fabric and under all this, I wear my most silky panties and bra, matching garters and stockings, and fem girly-laced socks to match.

On my feet shinny black patent leather Mary Jane high heels adorn and of course, long satin gloves above my elbows for that ultimate complete look.

But how can I forget my dream outfit come true.

I wore a wedding gown at my very own wedding for all to see. A corset like bodice that shaped my mid-drift like an hourglass, underneath all of it, was the largest most silky, frilly puffy petticoat I ever wore.

To my petticoat girls my heart is with you all.




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