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A few words about herself:

Hi! I am Dovima Monahan. I used to do shows in a few bars in Pennsylvania. I dressed many times in petticoats and hoopskirted dresses, the more frills and ruffles the better. Colors are also important: Black, red, and pink seem to be the best for me (even if my mother thinks I look good in blue). I look to be noticed and not be just looked at as just one of the other queens, so it would be hard to find me in a sequin sheath evening gown. They are too slim looking........I need big......I need petticoats, crinolines, and hoopskirts. I also like the added touches, of bows, puffs, and other very feminine items.

I like to get out for special events in drag. I have been in drag to work, for Halloween nights and friends' parties. Sometimes I liked to get dressed up just because I feel like it, and go to the bars. I was known more at the local bars for my drag name than my real name.........that is a fun experience. I liked to sometimes dress in a way most might think was out of place at the bars, even for a drag queen. Hoopskirts in crowded bars definitely get noticed. You may ask about "passing." Sometimes I could, until they stared right at me. Oh well, I have fun!




Dovima writes:


This photo is from Halloween 2004 in DC. I was "TuTu Extreme."  I got into the finals but I didn't win, wearing 14 petticoats at once. 

(below) On the streets of Washington DC, at the Goth clubs. Beautiful skirt and pettis!
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