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When at the age of three or four, I loved to feel the sheets against my legs and found that I fancied myself a woman. Now how can a child be a pervert at that age?

At the same time I was put into a red dress because my Mum had nothing else for me to wear.  My big sister wished to wear lipstick so so did I, at the age of four. I did notice that other people thought it strange. By the age of twelve I was trying on my mum's dresses & sisters skirts.  WHY? I don't know but it was fun.

Then when I got my own place, I bought skirts for myself to wear heaven they were mine! Then came the Internet and I was not alone - in fact, I was normal. Still my secret, but normal.

More clothes and I gave myself a female name: ELINOR, and I went out en femme. I don't do it now.  I bought a French maid's uniform with a darling three-tiered petti.  WONDERFUL!  Housework is much more fun. And from e-Bay, a wonderful petti. 

I have just come back from Seattle and there, I saw men wearing skirts. Yes skirts, not kilts. I watched the parade with guys in skirts & dresses. Oh! How I wished to do that!

On the 6th of July 2002 I did the most unbelievable thing: I bought a skirt for myself in a shop in person from a salesgirl! No big deal - the earth did not open up. The real hard part was to walk into the shop.

I wore MY SKIRT -  YES, "MY" SKIRT!  En-femme!  Okay, only on the balcony of my hotel, but in daylight at 2 pm, and, yes, I could be seen - so what?  Two twenty somethings passed by. "OH! Look! There is a guy in a skirt!" Yes, it was me, ELINOR! One  small leap for a shy man, one giant leap for his femininity! One has nothing to fear but fear itself.

So guys YOU ARE NOT ALONE and live! YOUR life is short! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL. Oh and yes I'm normal straight hetreosexual. I love to wear a skirt and a petti.  So WHAT?

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