About me:

I was about eight years old and somehow was drawn to my mother's lingerie drawer and all those wonderful things in it. I soon found myself in front of her full length mirror wearing one of her bras and panties and just loving it. Next came a slip with all the lace and I was hooked. It all felt so wonderful. It was just my mother and me
and soon I was finding excuses to take off from school so I could dress en femme. By the time I was fourteen I had a huge stash of my own makeup and some clothes
and even a cute wig I had bought. I just loved being a pretty girl. I would regularly take off from school. My mother would go to work, and in a hour I was a cute fourteen-year-old girl.

The look and feel of all the lace, and feeling so feminine was the greatest thing ever. My mother's lace garter belts were heaven, and I adored the white slips with all the lace on the bodice and hems. Just YUMMY. I started venturing out for walks outside and soon to the mall. I was totally consumed in being a feminine girl. I was sixteen
when I came out to my mother, but she said she had known for years. In fact, she came up with the name Elizabeth Ann. I was then dressing openly and freely around the house.

I am out on my own and all that's left of my male self is my day job. I come home from work and take a nice warm bubble bath with all those luscious oils and smells and
get all girly feeling. Then I'm ready for that special room in my house where I am surrounded by all things feminine. Dresses, tops, skirts, many pairs of heels, and of
course that wonderful dresser with all that lacy lingerie. First it's a lace bra and panties, then a garter belt and stockings. Next is a lace slip with a multi layered hem for fullness. About 45 minutes of meticulous makeup. Mascara, eye liner, shadow, for a sexy smoky look. A little blush and dark red lipstick. A long full wig, for now; I'm
letting my hair grow, that cascades over my shoulders. I choose a above-the-knee pleated skirt, a tight top, and matching heels. My legs are always shaved and my toenails done, but I do need some press-on fingernails, at least for now. Some dangly earrings, necklace, bracelets, and lots of rings and I'm ready for my evening out. My heels click on the floor as I walk and the sway of my skirt and rustle of my slip is heavenly. I admire myself in a full length mirror and even do a couple feminine spins for my
own approval. I AM a pretty girl and I AM Elizabeth Ann. I grab my purse and coat and I'm heading out for a evening of music, dancing, and of course, flirting. I feel SOOOO pretty and SOOOO feminine. I'm a girl!!!!! I hope every one enjoys my photos and I have many more to show. For Pouf Girls like me and the other girls here, it's
all about the lace and feeling feminine and girly. I'm loving it. Kisses for all.


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