Fiona (#2)


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Fiona speaks:

 I knew when I was just a "little girl' that there was something delightful about the wearing of soft and shimmering fabrics. Recovering from measles, I dreamt of one day being dressed as a lady with stockings and soft lingerie. This was when I wrapped myself in a counterpane (UK English for a bed spread) made of a material that caught the light as oil shimmers on water. I was hooked.

From then on, I sought ever  more to improve on the desired look. Once I could  afford wigs and makeup, everything changed and the world was my oyster, as I found I passed en femme. Girl friends played tennis with me in tiered dresses and frilled panties. I just caught the hot pants era,  which here happened when shoulder length hair was perfectly OK for work and play. Bliss.

More recently, a friend sent me patterns of American little girl dresses  and I was stricken again. I had some made, and found shops to buy from. Better still, I found friends with similar tastes. We have always been well received at both straight(ish) and TG venues. I would love to hear from anyone and my e mail address is  available for use. I hope you enjoy your fun and my pictures give a little pleasure. Fiona when over 10, and Rosemary when not. I will  always correspond, with pictures to all who send mail to
[email protected].

(below) In summer, 2006, I spent a lovely week in a holiday park for us girls, partners and  friends. All sorts of costumes and themes but I thought you
Poufbunny sisters would enjoy some pictures of petticoated playtime.



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