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Hi, I'm Gigi!

I call myself GiGi when all dressed up in frilly dresses and petticoats. I love full skirted dresses with multiple petticoats, especially with the “Million Dollar” brand petticoats (silky and satin-like) against my legs and then crinolines or chiffon petticoats on top to add extra pouf. I have multiples of these style of dresses; Square dance, Lolita, Prom, Ball gowns, 50’s Swing, Gypsy and Little Girl Style dresses.  

How did I start wearing petticoats and dresses? When I was about twelve years old on Halloween, my best friend’s Mom (across the street), got together with my mom, and they thought it would be cute if we both went dressed as girls! Our eyes bugged out when the Mom’s came down from my friend’s attic with several vintage bouffant style dresses and bags of petticoats! I still remember being nervous standing there as my Mom slipped two petticoats down over my head. Yikes! Then she lowered a poufy taffeta dress down over my petticoats and then she kept fluffing out my dress for some reason, I didn’t know why at the time. As she did, I turned a few shades of red watching her in front of a full-length mirror. 

Because girl’s shoes didn’t fit me comfortably, my mom had me wear those lacey white ankle socks with my sneakers. To complete the look, she proceeded to do my makeup and then added a wig. OMG! I looked like one of those pretty little girls going to a birthday party I had seen in vintage photos from the 50’s and 60’s! As I was standing in front of the full-length mirror to check out my “costume”, I was fascinated how cute I looked as a little girl wearing a party dress and petticoats.  

Then off we went to trick or treat. I was nervous about walking down the sidewalk wearing a dress and petticoats, but since my pal was dressed as a girl too, that made it a little easier to get used too. My buddy looked cute as a girl too, but I didn’t tell him – as we were still getting used to looking at each other and seeing pretty girls. 

As we walked, we started laughing because the petticoats and taffeta dresses were making this rustling noise with every step. The petticoats felt really soft against my legs and it sure was fun to swish my dress around as we walked. Along we went, and the more people invited us into their homes to better see our costumes, the more I started liking the attention of being pretty and looking like a girl.  

After about an hour, real-girl classmates of ours walked towards us. We both froze, not knowing what to do. They started talking to us, and then they realized who we were. I remember them giggling as they circled us, as well as teasing and lifting and fluffing up my dress and petticoats. I kept pushing them down! How embarrassing it was, until a girl I happened to have a crush on whispered in my ear, “Would you like to come over Saturday and play dress up with us?” I was speechless, and don’t remember what I said, if anything. I never did go over to her house play dress up with them, but to this day I fantasize that I can go back in time and play dress up with my girl classmates.



"Here I had fun playing in my Gunne Sax dress with multiple petticoats..."



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