Reserved, conservative pettis!

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Hi I'm Jane, living in Northern Ireland, and I've been wearing female clothes for over 40 yrs.
 I became aware of the appeal of female underwear in the late 50s when all of my female classmates were wearing petticoats. I live in a rural area and all the petticoats I remember seeing were net ones. However ANY petticoat sighting was a good one and this resulted in me wearing whatever I could find. I soon realized that I loved the soft feel of female undergarments.
  I began dressing in secret, sneaking into my mother's room to borrow her slips, girdles, stockings and whatever else I could find. She did not have any petticoats. I have been dressing in secret ever since, although I now have my own wardrobe. I could never get any petticoats, nor did I use make up or wigs. I always dressed conservatively as my mother had done.   At the end of January this year I discovered Pettipond, an event that has released me from my mediocre existence.

I now want more feminine clothes and lots of petticoats to make up for the missing years. The pictures are only my second attempt en femme wearing my first petticoat. As I add to my wardrobe, I hope to update and improve.

  I am happy with my hetro male side and am increasingly enjoying my female side. I have begun to communicate with other Poufbunnies, which is great.  However at home I must be a secret Poufie. I have told my sister (a large step), and she has been magnificent. My regards to all the wonderful Bunnies in The Pond . 

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