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Jennella writes:   

I have always had a feminine side for as long as I can remember. It is not a great leap to want to satisfy that by expressing the woman inside you. Like most of the girls here, I remember my first desire was at 5 years old when I wanted to put on my girlfriend's pair of white lacy knickers. Many years on, being an only child, I tried my mom's slips and petticoats, and what an adrenaline rush that was. However, the bouffant multi-layered pettis were always my favourites and still are. I simply adore petticoats, as they are such a feminine garment and feel so sexy, and beautiful cosetting one's body.

Sadly, my wife does not share my love of female clothing, so I am very limited in the way I express Jennella. Most days I wear lingerie under my work clothes just to give me that feminine feel although I am so used to it, it has become part of me. I did have some dresses and skirts, a wig and shoes, but all these were disposed of for the sake of our marriage.

I decided to go to a dressing service, which had to be carefully planned and the photos are from my four hour session there. I can only say it was one of the most beautiful and lovely experiences of my life when the woman in me had a chance to express herself in a relaxed atmosphere with two lovely people. I felt so natural that I wondered if this is how I should be all the time. I loved being a woman and looking feminine, an experience which touched me deep inside. It was the first time, in my 47 years longing that I wore bouffant petticoats and it was truly a dream come true.

I am 63 and the desire doesn't fade away, and I can only say I absolutely love being Jennella as you love being your femme-selves. I bless Petticoat Pond for all the lovely pictures and interesting articles that can be found on this site. I just hope you like the look of an older woman.

If you would like to say Hi and perhaps exchange some petti-talk, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at: [email protected]

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