Jennifer Satin
A sissy born to serve!

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Jennifer speaks:

Unlike many of the gorgeous gals here, I came late to petticoats, but now love them very much.  When I was about 12 years old, I discovered I had an intense longing to wear frilly frocks and blouses.  The period from the late 60's to the mid 80's was very good
for Victorian inspired women's clothing, and this type of clothing easily made up the largest part of my wardrobe.  Gunne Sax and similar labels were my obsession.  It was easy to catalog order a JC Penney bridal gown that was a Victorian dream.  Unfortunately, that  style of clothing became unfashionable, and my trips to women's clothing departments became infrequent.  The frills and
ruffles I loved were gone.

I had visited costume shops and rented maid's outfits a few times at Halloween.  These were, however, of cheap quality and left me somewhat depressed. However, I had the good fortune to pick up Reflections magazine, and in its pages was an offering for an English maid's dress ensemble, complete with apron, pettipants, and, of course, a petticoat.  When the outfit arrived and I dressed in it, I turned to the mirror to see myself and literally went weak in the knees and fell.  I felt like I had arrived someplace wonderful; somewhere I was always meant to be.

About six years ago I discovered eBay and all the wonderful dressmakers who make those exquisite adult sissy dresses.  I count several of them as friends now and my wardrobe overflows with satin and taffeta, ruffles and lace.  These dresses would not be complete without two or three petticoats and I am more than overjoyed to wear them.

I have dressed privately for years (tolerant, but non-supportive wife), but in the past year I have decided to share my passion with others and so have had a few makeover and photo sessions.  I hope you enjoy the pics.  I enjoy hearing from others who share
this passion and love discussing all things frilly. 
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