Loves being caressed by those wedding gowns!

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Mandy speaks:
 I can't believe its taken so many years to finally send a photo to Pettipond. I have been dressing all my life and have no say in the matter. I have long since accepted how I am and really enjoy it . I feel the ultimate in femininity is to dressed in a beautiful wedding gown . I adore the multiple layers of lace edged pretty petticoats over my gorgeous lingerie and white lace top stockings. Then the feeling of being zipped or buttoned into your wedding gown....becoming one with your dress!  Even the slightest movement generates a sound and a feel that takes me to heaven....its simply the best feeling in the world!!!

I don't understand why I like to dress (I adore anything glamorous), so I cant expect anyone else to understand either...it's one of those things you have to learn to accept and enjoy and I do !!!

Love to hear from anyone who understands. Feel free to write to me at:
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"I adore all kinds of dress as long as it is dripping in glamour and femininity."


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