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Marilyn speaks...

I am an older crossdresser who has loved getting into complete female attire as often as   I can throughout my life. It is my greatest passion.  My favorite look is that of the 50's in poodle skirts, with petticoats underneath. 
As a preteen boy, my male chum's sister, Marilyn, one day asked if I would like to be fully dressed as a girl. I hastily agreed, as I was so fascinated by her poodle skirts, fully extended by several crinoline petticoats. I was completely enraptured by her feminine look. I was outfitted with a full female wardrobe of panties, nylon stockings, garter belt, padded bras. several crinoline petticoats, poodle skirt and blouse. Foundation powder, rouge and lipstick topped off the presentation, with a wide-brimmed lady's hat completing the ensemble. This had to be the greatest experience of my life. I was almost delirious with joy. I have never forgotten that experience, and have been trying to replicate it ever since with my own crossdressing. My preferred femme name is "Marilyn" in honor of the girl who first dressed me fully as a "poodle-skirted" girl and ignited my great love of dressing in the style of the 50's.  Marilyn loved an abundance of petticoats under her skirts, as do I. The pictures I have included reveal my attempts at recreating that pivotal moment in my life. Pettipond has also enriched my life with its abundant display of petticoats on which I can feast.



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