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Hi, Iím Nicky!

Iím very lucky being only 5í5Ē, with baby blonde hair and small features and for years have been mistaken for being female even with shorter hair and when Iím not even trying - which can actually be really annoying!

Iím kind of in limbo right now and not really certain where life will ultimately lead! Iím still really hovering around the TS end of the scale but these things canít be taken lightly.

I am interested in why all these otherwise unconnected folk share the same tendencies. For the genuine ones, it obviously isnít anything to really do with how one is raised as a child but has to be rooted in genetics or similar. How else can you possibly explain such behaviour in very young people? For most it can be a great burden and it still is for me if I stop and dwell on it too much, but right now Iím very, very busy and trying to get on with life as Ďnormallyí as possible.

More pictures at www.nickyashlyn.com

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