Pansy Lane
Loves her crinies -- and panties!

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Pansy speaks:

I'm sure my bio is similar to many others you have read at Pettipond. I was born in the 50's (late fifties I might add!) and have always admired those ladies who would dress in ultra feminine clothing and paid so much attention to their hair and make-up that the world would stop and take notice when they walked by or entered any room.  My grandmother, mother and sisters were all very beautiful, I must admit, and I was always fond of how they dressed, talked, acted, and of the attention they received from others.  There is nothing so attractive as a sophisticated lady who is both feminine and confident. I started dressing in my mother's panties, bras and slips when I was very young and never really understood why.  At times, I struggled with trying to understand why and could not decide if my overwhelming desire to dress was a blessing or a curse.  I have stopped trying to figure everything out at this point in my life and am happy being the person I am.  I would have to say that I believe my desire to dress is certainly a blessing, and would like to meet with others who share my passion for dressing feminine or those who are admirers of ultra feminine dress.  I hope you enjoy my pic's... I must admit I do like to show off my pretty panties whenever I can, as you may have guessed.    [email protected]


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