Rachel Williston


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Hi! My name is Rachel Williston, and have just recently moved to Hartford, CT.  I am virtually a full time t-girl now and enjoy being as feminine as a girl can be. This includes my love for soft, feminine petticoats. I have been so very inspired by PettiPond and all you lovely Poufbunnies!

My dressing began with having a sister who loved nylon lingerie; especially half slips and panties.  One day, I decided to slip on a pair of her panties and that began my dressing.  From that day on, I didn't feel complete unless I was wearing a slip and panties.  I have now come a long way since and it is way more than a desire to dress for me, but rather a very real need to look and feel feminine all the time.

I had always been intrigued by the femininity of petticoats, but had never worn one or owned one until very recently.  Now that I have slipped on a lovely, full petticoat, I plan to get several more.  I hope you enjoy my pictures and that they portray the very pretty and feminine joy that is being a Poufbunny.   Kisses from Rachel

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