Rikki Rabbit


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Rikki speaks:

I started wearing petticoats back in the late 50's.  My Mom had several 3 - layer crinolines and lots of taffeta and chiffon cocktail dresses.  Being an  only child, when the folks went out I was left to "sit" myself - no problem!!  Meant a lot of femme time.

In the late 60's I had the chance to wear a hoopskirt wedding gown of my aunt's.  An experience I'll never forget.  Barely able to fit through a doorway to the living room.  A long period of growing up and marriages.  Then finally a chance to dress on Halloweens.  So, with eBay and online stores, I went from a 30 year dry spell to over a dozen petticoats.

Petticoat Pond was my Nirvana when I found it.  Not only did it reassure me that I was not alone, but Tessy has collected many of the pictorial treasures that I glimpsed in my lifetime.  What is it about crinolines?  Why do we
crave them?  Tessy, thank you for keeping their style alive.  Bless you.

Forever a PoufBunny,
Rikki Rabbit


(Above) Enlargeable (right) Rikki's petticoat sandwich


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