Shannon -
A Very Proud Irish-American Lass!

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Hi Poufbunnies, I’m Shannon.

I’m five foot six and your average Irish-American lassie next door. I’m fun, flirtatious, prissy and innocent.  I like full skirts, a tiny waist, long hair, humor, music and, oh, did I mention? Petticoats! Being selected for Petticoat Pond’s Pinup Parlor is like attending a coming-of-age debutante ball. On such an occasion, there are a few people I’d like to thank:

First and foremost, these pictures are for you, Mom. You wanted girls, only girls. Then I came along. I wasn’t the daughter you wanted, but we adjusted. When Dad was working and Big Brother was at school, I became your surrogate little girl. You probably figured…’who’s going to know’? I loved the attention.

Long since that little game ended, I’m still trying to be the perfect girl. Unknowingly, you gave me a rare gift which I cherish today: my feminine side. What a lovely thing! I know you are up there looking down, so this is for you.

I’d like to thank Christian Dior who gave us the New Look, so feminine and frilly, and a lovely contrast to the preceding brutal war years. Thanks to The Dupont Company who gave us Nylon and nylon net, the materials of our petticoats.

I’d like to thank Sears Roebuck & Company for all their great catalogs, especially those in the 1950’s. I can remember looking longingly at those catalogs and the beautiful petticoats in them and knowing for sure that I would never, ever have one.
I purchased my first dance dress and petticoats from Sears back in 1974. What a fateful day that was! Thirty years later, I have collected over 200 petticoats. Goes to show, be careful what ask for, hope for, want!

I’d like to thank the army of seamstresses, who over the last 50+ years, have turned out thousands of petticoats. Thanks to one and all and keep up the good work. We need a petticoat for every man, woman and child on the planet. Maybe then we could/would all have world peace.

I’d like to thank the engineers and programmers who have given us the computer revolution and who have made the internet possible. What a great thing.

I’d like to thank eBay….where I’ve bought a pile-O’-pettis !

Lastly, but not leastly, I want to thank Tessy for hosting Petticoat Pond. What a wonderful resource , a true labor of love. Petticoat Pond is a National Treasure!
Tessy, I will be forever grateful. Thanks to everyone for sharing your pictures and materials.

At this point, being single, I’m looking for that special someone, a combination of Betsy Johnson and Pettilady (there must be one more out there?) I need to find that one special person to share our mutual and uncommon interest! What fun we could have! I have many more pictures to share, so come back often. I try to present a wholesome image of femininity.

I love being Shannon! Does it show? Thanks everyone!

P.S. These pictures were taken in March 2004.


(above) Bridal Fantasy Dress by mizzglamour (eBay seller)  

Easter 2004

Shannon's answer to UniKaren!


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