Ensconced in Feminity!

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Tamara speaks:

Hello ladies:
I so love this site that I have to be a share my little photos and experiences.  I've dressed since childhood and can pass in public. My wife knows and has been out with me as two girls in public. She however doesn't like to see my little girl sissy side so I try respect her feelings. I love the excitement and rush I feel when I slip into my little ruffled panties,
stockings, anklets, petticoats, all dolled up and cinched and and shaped to perfection. Then slide over my  body one of my beautiful little girly sissy dresses and feel the glorious rush from the purr of the zipper covering my waist, then my sexy bra-covered breasts. Then tying my little sash bow behind my back and placing a little bow in my hair.  I look into the mirror and loose myself in a dream for hours and never want to stop! Love to know if my pictures look nice. Feel free to email me your opinions!  


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