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Hi Iím Vicki! 

Iíve been cross-dressing since I was six years old. Iíve gone through most phases, including the tight PVC and leather, micro skirts, glamorous ball gowns etc. but I most like the swish of big petticoats and the rustle of satin and taffeta dresses; thereís just something special about that feel and sound!

In my time Iíve done a fair bit of modelling and television, (Good Sex Guide, Sex Files etc.), won the Miss Elegance contest twice, Miss Laguna Bunny once and have been in four movies, so itís been an interesting life so far.  I now spend my time between UK and Spain (these pictures were all taken in Spain).

I love the maidís uniform and have different versions of it in various colours. There is nothing like waiting on a glamorous mistress!

I am married with four children, all of whom are ĎVicki awareí and it is rather fun when my daughterís friends come round and want to borrow my dresses for a special occasion. I have never made a secret of Vicki Ė Iím proud of it Ė and without exception all of my friends and neighbours have accepted it without any difficulty.  Itís usually the women that are most intrigued, especially when I meet then when I am out dressed at a restaurant or club.

As for the future, well, all I can hope for is more of the same, please.

If you would like to write please email me at [email protected]






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