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Rhino points out
this attractive retro site



 Now, here's REAL retro, in the sense that the pettis
are closer to the way they really looked in The Era!

From 'Captain Marno'  


Not sure about this one:
The boy's dungarees shout
but her skimpy panties declare 'retro'...

From Joe A.


David S. offers this trio of retro dresses, from Dolly Dagger:



We don't quite understand
these type of weird 'retros'...

Weird in the sense that they seem to be from WWII,
but are oddly anachronistic, petticoat-wise.

Sent by Jean L.   


  ...and here's a couple
           of retro shots
from Rhino                                      Source




Jean L. points to a
 retro video of interest




Retro pinups



Reaching back into the Pretty Era

From Ed Nixon


Jelt and John N.:

Retro sundress


A little nap in appropriate
50s retro petticoat

From Abby Rhodes




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