A Fifties Girl!

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Everyone says I am such a sissy in this one!


Denise started wearing crinolines in the 1950s when she used to "borrow" her sister's unoccupied slips. She reports the gals from her hometown back then just called them "slips", "can cans", or "stiff slips." Denise didn't hear them referred to as petticoats or crinolines until the 70s. Today she has her very own crinolines, 25 or so. In addition to her love of crinolines and regular slips, Denise is the president of one of the largest crossdressing support groups in the country located in Central Florida. The photo is a blast from the past with an original quilted skirt from the 50s and the familiar saddle shoes.

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One day a while back, Denise was "Cookin' In The Kitchen Corner," and not having much success. So, as a counter attack, she decided to serve up a heaping helping of petticoats. This multi-pastel colored petticoat is so sweet it is just like the world's biggest serving of cotton candy.

Halloween 2004

(Below) Denise won this little treasure on eBay recently (2013) - paper nylon full-length slip [enlargeable]

Well, here a bit older...

Added in February, 2021


Added in May, 2021


"I bought this pretty dress on eBay (below) from Germany - alas, the size chart was way off and would have cost more to return it so I kept it, did surgery on it and made it into a skirt. 
 Didn't turn out half bad!"



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