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the 2001 Petti Princess Award) 


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I have been dressing since about 6 years of age, and always from the tips of my painted toes to my plucked eyebrows. I think a lady should always dress "to the nines."
I have always loved the 50's and 60's look, with full skirted dresses and, of course, full petticoats. I am into the littl girl pageant look and also love prom dresses and, of course, wedding dresses. I have a local Latino wedding shop that makes most of my dresses--they really know ruffles and lace. I am also into very feminine lingerie that I
add tons of organza ruffles and tons of lace to (yes I sew); these I wear under my frilly dresses and pretty hose and heels. I hope my heavy makeup does not stop me from being one of Petticoat Pond's little frilly girls, I just can't stop with the makeup--It is so 60's looking, and it makes me feel more feminine. I used to go out dressed quite often, but, as I got into frilly dressing I like to stay in and dress as I please instead of trying to pass. Both of the white dresses I had made just for Tessy. I do hope I live
up to her standards


Christina's new prom dress! (click on picture)

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