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A few words about herself:

Hi, I'm Crinolyn.

Yes the name is a take-off from the term "crinoline" a popular material
in both petticoats and ballet tutus. I settled on this name because it
gave a better idea of my passion for the 50's silhouette and wide poofy
fashion. I've been on many computer services in the past 10+ years,
sometimes known as "Trudy" or "Crinoline".

But enough about my name, now about my passion.....

I can remember being "dressed" by an older sister at about age 5. She
dressed me in a black silk lined short gown, but at my size it was floor
length. We played house on an enclosed back porch with her dressed also.

There were several times that this happened but I remember only sketchy
accounts of them. Later on in my younger days I remember being quite
envious of the neighbor girls and girls I went to school with when they
wore dresses buoyed out by petticoats. Eventually the fad faded, the
school now required students to be in uniform and nothing was the same.

The Easter Holiday did bring a noticeable increase in younger relatives
that still wore the cute little girl bouffant dresses. Even on Christmas
it was a pleasure to see the younger cousins in their wide-skirted
dresses. I remember quite well one cousin who wore a winter outfit with
snow pants and a long full coat over her bouffant dress. I could not
figure out at the time "why the snow pants?", but later understood
that it must get cold on one's behind if the only thing they had on under
the petticoats was a pair of rumba panties.

Later on the fashions were pretty much changed and all of those wonderfully
frothy garments were disposed of in ways that make me cringe. All except
four that I intercepted from a neighbor's donation to the Salvation Army.
I can remember them quite well, there were two size eight and two size ten
little girl's slips. Unfortunately they were not the type with layers and
layers of crinoline but rather the polished cotton-like material with ruffles
of crinoline and lace sewn on them in tiers. I fit into them up until I was
about fourteen. Then I discovered a treasure in my own attic! My older sister,
now away at college, had three long bouffant prom/bride's maid gowns and a
bouffant half slip stored there. Needless to say they fit me and I have many
wonderful memories of sneaking up the attic to wear them.

Then there was a "un-petticoated" part of my life for about 10 years. This
ended with Square Dance Classes and becoming a part owner, so-to-speak, of
a Square Dance Shop. I was in heaven and wished the petticoats were of the
type with an attached bodice. I fondly remembered those little girl slips
like that and still, to-this-day, wonder why these were never made in that

Well, a divorce ended the partnership, and I became the owner of half of the
stock. I still have some from that group. I did meet a partner that had a
sense of imagination, lived with her for several years and we enjoyed many
"special" variations including my fondness for petticoats. She even had me
go out one Halloween as a "lady" in revolutionary era garb. (her old wedding
gown dyed blue), and with this, I extended my fondness of petticoats to
bridal slips too.

The picture was taken by her in the bedroom of a house we shared. Notice the
bridal slips hanging on the door? That dress was poufed up by three petticoats!
The hair was from the "lady" Halloween get-up.

Well eventually her want of variations did the relationship in. While away on
a business trip I received several phone calls from friends that informed me
she was "entertaining" over-night male guests. Me being a jealous type,
decided that we part ways but I retained custody of the slips.

I continually scour thrift stores and flea markets for petticoats and slips.
My collection has grown in number to a point that I can't guess how many I
own!. But if pressed to the task, I might estimate, 25 square dance petticoats,
50 or so bridal slips of varying fullness, 10 or so hoop slips, about 30 large
(size 14-16), children's petticoats and about 15-20 vintage bouffant slips.
I'm still searching for the elusive "pneumatic petticoat"
pictured elsewhere on
the Petticoat Pond pages.

I could write a book, but I'd better stop for now.

And how old am I?
Well, a girl never tells her age, but I can vaguely remember the 50's.

Huggers, Crinolyn

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