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"From the rolling hills of South Eastern Pennsylvania, greetings to all PoufBunnies and friends.  My name is Karen Marie, and I have been poufing around since the age of 6, or thereabouts.  I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, via the Southern Belle style of  North Carolina, and moved to PA because it was a cute place to be.  I love the 50's and 60's  feminine bouffant skirt and petticoat look, with more than adequate amounts of ruffles and lace.  Sometimes, this gets me into trouble, because, on occasion, the poufed
skirt may knock over things around the house.  I was active in a CD club in Cleveland for many years and have attended many "Be All" conventions.  I now belong to a TG club out of Washington.  I sew and sew most of the dresses.  Being tall makes it difficult to find the look that I want at the store.  I have sewn everything from mini dresses to full length gowns.  One of these days, I would love to go to a bridal shop and order a bridal gown.
I just love to sew and make pretty things.  I play the keyboard, and if there is any one thing I would like to do is be in a musical group all decked out to the hilt.  Would love to hear from other Poufbunnies. 

I am generating a website which is:

You are all invited.

To all pouf bunnies out there and our friends,
Enjoy Live and Have Fun
Luv, Karen Marie

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