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Hi, I’m Linda!

My age of 5 entitles me to wear all the pretty dresses that my sister would not wear, my mother tried and tried to get her into them but she wouldn't.  Mom had no trouble getting me into them!! So when no one was home she would dress me up in ribbons and bows and, of course the frilliest dresses and petticoats. Little girls dresses in the 50,s were so feminine and frilly, and worn with the fullest, heavily starched petticoats!

Mom was so disappointed when she couldn't dress up my sister, so when she found out how much I loved the dresses sis wouldn't wear, she was in heaven (as well as I!) Mom and I would get all dressed up and have tea parties; I would also help her cook and clean.  She taught me everything that a little girl should know. My memories of that period will never leave me. When Easter comes around and I see little girls in blue jeans and t-shirts it makes me want to cry.  What happened to the good ole days?

There is nothing more feminine than a fluffy petticoat  - I have about 30 or so, and still want more, because let's face it: You can never have to many petticoats!!!!

Big Hugs, Linda

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