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Bee: " The dress on the above right is actually a floor length Olga nightgown, hitched up at the waist to make the skirt knee length. Quite fetching, yes?






Translucent skirts -


Bell skirts -

Twirls -


The below two pettis were actually MADE by Bee!



"I once bought (what I thought were genuinely advertised) a skirt from DHGate. The  delivered item was  NOTHING like  that in the picture. Completely inferior to that in the picture, which  was hijacked from the Petticoat  Shop of Berlin site. I sent it back and got a refund for what was: blatant, misleading advertising. But then again, the Chinese are notorious for picturing a product which bears NO resemblance at all to what they actually send.

"I DID use this to my advantage at one time. A long skirt was shown with an incredible hem length. What was delivered was pathetically 'un full' (don't know if that's a word!). I got a refund and they didn't  want the item back. So, I did the same operation two more times from different sellers and repeated the scenario. This gave three of the skirts, which  I then stripped down and rebuilt into ONE really full skirt. I looked on this as a kind of revenge for all the misleading advertising the Chinese habitually use.

"Here are shots; one with the skirt over a crinnie; the other over a chiffon petticoat."




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