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 I am a mid-40s male square dancer who only recently began wearing petticoats. After square dancing for a few years in amidst a sea of petticoats, I decided in late 1997 it would be fun to go to a dance in a ladies' square dance outfit as a gag. The lady at the local square dance shop put together an outfit for me. I got a woman partner to dress and dance the boy's part, and off I went in my costume to dance the ladies' part! I was very embarrassed when I walked into the dance dressed in that blouse and skirt, with poufy petticoat, but after two tips of dancing, I realized just how wonderful it felt to be in a petticoat. Soon I bought some more square dance outfits and petticoats and, before long, I had to admit to myself that I was hooked.

My initial attraction to petticoats was how it felt to wear them. It took awhile before I liked the way I looked in a square dance outfit and petticoat, but now I think I look my best in a poufy costume. I like square dance dresses and some "Little Girl" dresses (with pinafores of course), as many LG dresses are similar to square dance dresses. I adore smooth satin and like to be snuggled in layers of close fitting clothing. Naturally, I love wearing satiny foundations underneath my dresses and petticoats.

Almost all of my petticoats are square dance petticoats. My favorite petticoats are the soft ones made out of chiffon, and especially the heavy polyester ones made by "Fashion Magic by Fendler". Those "Fashion Magic" petticoats are unbelievably soft, and they really swish when I twirl! I also like crystal petticoats quite well, but find organza to be too scratchy.

I only wish I could go square dancing regularly in a petticoat and frilly square dance costume. I also hope I meet a wonderful woman who can appreciate a sensitive guy and his frilly wardrobe. My personal motto is: "One can never have too many petticoats." 

Love, Kerian Loveable

NOTE: If there are any other Poufbunnies out there who are square dancers and
would like to go square dancing wearing their petticoats and pretty costumes, write me at [email protected]. If there is enough interest, we can possibly begin doing a square dance program at Camp (biennial Poconos PettiParty), or have our own separate square dance weekend. If you don't know how to square dance, but would like to learn, write me and I will try to get you hooked up with a square dance club in your area so
you can take lessons.


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