Emily Sheldon

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Petticoats were never exactly my big thing, but I remember the era well. "Bobbi Sox" and clunky, manish shoes, saddle shoes then, were always a big turn off for me (and they still are, but that's another subject), but when girls wore them with stockings, and as they got older, increasingly high heels, it was wonderful to see how the things would slide about, arise in the wind, get stuck in car doors, and occasionally doors period, and give a brief glimpse of the furniture of Nirvana, stocking tops and garters, to an appropriately positioned girl watcher (Nasty evil stalking voyeurs now! and subject to arrest for their perverted peering. Imagine! teen age boys wanting to look up girl's skirts. Oh well, that's even another subject) 

Of course the fantastic sight was all the more intense for one who really wanted to be wearing the girdle-stockings-petticoats-heels-- etc etc. and was a shy awkward, introverted girlfriendless wallflower besides. 

Petticoats really set off the whole ensemble, and still do. My Mom never wore the things, I never had any sisters, so the laundry basket never provided any. I had to wait a long time to get the chance to wear them. ... Sigh!

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The original background for this image was both 
unattractive, and inappropriate, hence, a little fudging 
with a picture of a local park in (brrrrr) cold weather. Needless to say,  when I was actually out there, it 
was NOT in that outfit!
In the basement at a house party, and yes, this apparatus is just what it looks like, not withstanding 
being painted sissy pink, and it did (ow!) get used, 
just as you suspect,  later on. 

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