"Crowded petticoats" is her forte!

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A few words from Janet:

My favourite dresses (Yes, "favourite" with a "u" - I'm British!) are shirtwaisters which come down below the knee, like the navy/white spot one you see in the photos. I prefer a mixture of different sorts of petticoats under my skirts, and generally wear at least one multi-layer net petticoat, a couple of well starched cambric or broderie anglaise petticoats, which are very stiff and make a delicious crackling sound. I have also got a selection of taffeta and nylon petticoats. One of my petticoats is a genuine 1954 model with four tiers of net, each one trimmed with a different colour of lace. Like Donna Leanne, I like to get all the hems at the same length, with all the net fluffed out properly so that the skirt of the dress gets distended to its greatest fullness. My ambition is one day to be the owner of a multi-layer paper nylon petticoat, but this material appears no longer to be available. I remember how the girls back in the late 50's used to wash their "can-can" petticoats ("can-can"(British) = "crinoline" (US)) in a strong sugar solution and then hang them up to drip dry. I recall visiting a girl friend at that time and seeing two of her petticoats hanging up from the airing rack below the kitchen ceiling to dry: what a sight! I love the sound of rustling petticoats, and usually wear taffeta pantelettes which are trimmed with stiffened lace to ensure the rustling is truly audible, even with the slightest movement. I am a member of The Northern Concord in Manchester (http://www.northernconcord.org.uk). That's where Janet met the lady who makes all her petticoats. This lovely lady knows exactly what Janet likes, and if she comes across some nice material Janet gets a new petticoat without asking! She has to pay of course, but the charges are very reasonable. These petticoats are now available through June of New Blooms (see Petticoat Pond Resource Page).


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