Elayne Beneford

A gal with imagination and flare!

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What a nice honor to be selected to be a Poufbunny!

Isn't it startling the melodies a stack of satiny petties sing? They fuss at so many senses, right? First off, they feel tickly against stockings (and in that bare space above hose (is there a name for that? Well anyway). And I sort of like to think that they give body to the air. How do I put this? You know when you're treading in thigh-deep water? Well, capering in a cloud of crinolines is a bit like that to me. Only fluffier and giddier.

Plus they they sound yummy. Frou-frou sure grabs attention. In a floor-length gown, puffed up with petticoats atop tipi heels, there's also a kind of feminine helplessness. You know, the skirts all murmur, "I'm Here,!" in a way that sure can complicate a discrete getaway.


And then there is the way they look. Like your floating through a summer fog. And they make even the teeniest twitch so conspicuous. Plus they imprison you inside of their see-saw sway, and once on no way you can dampen their effect . They amplify your presence. Underskirts pump up a girl's appeal from the waist down - they stick out, so you do too. You know with some WundaBra cleavage above a snug bodice and a froth of pettis beneath! Whoa! One of the visitors to my website suggested that on the Saloon Girl Page, I looked more persuasive than a dose of Viagra! Oh my. There's a very fine line between naughty and nice; whispering petticoats are a delicious way to teeter along the line.

I am not always sure how the producers of my web site (http://elayne.tgcities.com) might costume me for the next installment of our illustrated romantic adventure fiction. But so many of the juiciest outfits have me posing atop a babble of petticoats. That's why I'm excited to become a Pouf Bunny and share this picture with you... a picture that I've never sent anywhere else but which I will excerpt to let people prominently know that I am a Pouf Bunny Pinup. Let me know if it's okay.

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